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.vimMy .vim dotfiles and configurations. amicontainedContainer introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available. apk-fileSearch apk package contents via the command line. apparmor-docsAuto generated pdfs of apparmor .odt files direct from launchpad branch. auditFor auditing what collaborators, hooks, and deploy keys you have added on all your GitHub repositories. baneCustom & better AppArmor profile generator for Docker containers. batteryLinux battery status checker. binctrFully static, unprivileged, self-contained, containers as executable binaries. blogSource for my blog. certokCommand line tool to check the validity and expiration dates of SSL certificates. cliaokeCommand Line Karaoke. contained.afA stupid game for learning about containers, capabilities, and syscalls. containersOCI compatible & runc configs for various containers. directory-themeA customizable theme for your Apache or Nginx directory. (old & depreciated) dockerfilesVarious Dockerfiles I use on the desktop and on servers. docker-presentationInstructions on building a server with Docker and Nginx on Ubuntu trusty 14.04. (old & depreciated) dockfmtDockerfile format and parser. Like `gofmt` but for Dockerfiles. dotfilesMy dotfiles. Buyer beware ;) dstatsDocker stats dashboard for your terminal. (WIP that was never finished) generator-xbarsYeoman generator for node with express, handlebars, & bootstrap. (old & depreciated) ghb0tA GitHub Bot to automatically delete your fork's branches after a pull request has been merged. go-benchmarksRun go test benchmarks for versions over time. go-get-issue-17522Test repo for golang/go#17522 hashtag-pullGet all twitter, vine, and instagram posts with a certain hashtag, print the feed, and save to a database for future use. (old & depreciated) imgStandalone, daemon-less, unprivileged Dockerfile and OCI compatible container image builder. irssiOfficial Docker image for irssi. jenkins-dslJenkins DSLs for my Jenkins instance, keeps forks up to date, mirrors repositories to private git, builds all Dockerfiles and more. jessfraz-overlayPortage overlay with custom ebuilds. junkA place for everything without a home. k8s-snowflakeConfigs and scripts for bootstrapping an opinionated Kubernetes cluster anywhere. libyubikeyGo bindings for libyubikey so you can write Go to interact with your yubikeys. lkml.wtfSource code for macgyverThe Macgyver of Dlopening: `dlopen` yourself! magnetoPipe runc (OCI compatible) events to a stats TUI (Text User Interface). netnsRunc hook (OCI compatible) for setting up default bridge networking for containers. netscanScan network ips and ports. notorious-svgBarrel Creative Days Project. onionTor networking plugin for Docker containers. Route all container tcp traffic through Tor. pastebinitGo implementation of pastebinit. pepperNamed after Pepper Potts. Set all your GitHub repos master branches to be protected. ponyLocal file-based password, API key, secret, recovery code store backed by GPG. present.j3ss.coGo talk slides made with random-forest-classifierA random forest classifier in Javascript. regDocker registry v2 command line client. riddlerConvert `docker inspect` to opencontainers (OCI compatible) runc spec. s3serverServer to index & view files in a s3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket. snippetlibSite for hosing code snippets. (old & deprecated) sshb0tA bot for keeping your ssh authorized_keys up to date with user's GitHub keys, **only** use if you enable 2FA & keep your keys updates. strace2elasticStrace container output to a file, then shove the syscalls into elastic search. systemd-buttsChrome extension to replace systemd with butts on websites. torDevelopment fork of tupperwarewithspearsDistributed load testing with containers, Apache benchmark, with OpenVSwitch for networking. udictCommand line urban dictionary. upmailEmail notification hook for weatherWeather via the command line. ykpivGo bindings for ykpiv so you can write Go to interact with your yubikeys.