Small improvements (#2)

* Fix self-documenting make targets and add colors

* Be explicit about which provider version

* Test terraform

* Add more output

* Help Travis while testing
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AWS Fargate Action

Travis CI

A GitHub action to deploy to AWS Fargate on push to the master branch.

Table of Contents


workflow "on push to master, deploy to aws fargate" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["fargate deploy"]

action "fargate deploy" {
  uses = "jessfraz/aws-fargate-action@master"
  env = {
    AWS_REGION = "us-west-2"
    IMAGE = ""
    PORT = "8080"
    COUNT = "2"
    CPU = "256"
    MEMORY = "512"
    BUCKET = "aws-fargate-action"

NOTE: The bucket above needs to be in the same region as AWS_REGION AND it needs to be created before running the action. That is the only prerequisite.

The action will run...


On success, it will output the URL...


Go to that in your browser...



Running the tests

The tests use shellcheck. You don't need to install anything. They run in a container.

$ make test

Using the Makefile

$ make help
aws-apply                      Run terraform apply for Amazon.
aws-destroy                    Run terraform destroy for Amazon.
aws-plan                       Run terraform plan for Amazon.
shellcheck                     Runs the shellcheck tests on the scripts.
test                           Runs the tests on the repository.
update-terraform               Update terraform binary locally from the docker container.
update                         Update terraform binary locally.