Command Line Karaoke.

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Command Line Karaoke

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get



  • Download fluidsynth and soundfonts on debian this was fluid-soundfont-gm.
Via Docker
$ docker run --rm -it \
    --device /dev/snd \
    jess/cliaoke hard_knock_life
DJ cliaoke on the request line.
Bringing up the track Hard Knock Life...


This assumes you have setup fluidsynth in the following way:

(grab a copy of from one of the mirrors in

$ brew install fluidsynth
$ unzip
$ mkdir -p /usr/local/share/fluidsynth
$ mv GeneralUser\ GS\ 1.44\ FluidSynth/GeneralUser\ GS\ FluidSynth\ v1.44.sf2 /usr/local/share/fluidsynth/generaluser.v.1.44.sf2

Running cliaoke with no arguments will list all the available songs. Once downloaded the songs are saved in a ~/.cliaoke/ directory.

Caveats for Mac Users

  • You must install fluidsynth according to the instructions below.
  • Sometimes the search for lyrics selects the wrong one, whomp whomp.
  • The lines being printed are not synced with the song. (maybe there is a way to parse the lyric metadata from a .mid file?)


$ cliaoke -h
cliaoke -  Command line karaoke.

Usage: cliaoke <command>


  -d  enable debug logging (default: false)


  version  Show the version information.

List all songs

NOTE: This does not mean you have all these files locally, when you choose a song (if you have no already downloaded it from this repo) it will be downloaded for you.

$ cliaoke
COMMAND                             TITLE                               ARTIST
1979                                1979                                Smashing Pumpkins
99_ways_to_die                      99 Ways To Die                      Megadeth
hard_knock_life                     Hard Knock Life                     Jay-Z
missing_you                         Missing You                         Puff Daddy
mo_money_mo_problems                Mo Money Mo Problems                Notorious BIG

Play a song

$ cliaoke mo_money_mo_problems
DJ cliaoke on the request line.
Bringing up the track Mo Money Mo Problems...