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  1. Dockerfile


How to use:

  1. Enter the directory where the font file lives you wish to patch.

  2. Run:

     $ docker run --rm -it \
         -v $(pwd):/workdir \
         --workdir /workdir \ myfontfile.otf
  3. You should have a myfontfile-Powerline.otf as an artifact.

  4. Copy the font file into ~/.fonts (or another X font directory)::

     $ cp MyFontFile-Powerline.otf ~/.fonts

    Note: If the font is a pure bitmap font (e.g. a PCF font) it will be stored in the BDF format. This is usually not a problem, and you may convert the font back to the PCF format using bdftopcf if you want to. All other fonts will be stored in the OTF format regardless of the original format.

  5. Update your font cache::

     $ sudo fc-cache -vf

    Note: If you use vim in rxvt-unicode in the client/daemon mode, you may need to close all running terminals as well for the font to be updated.