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## dockerfiles
[![Travis CI](](
This is a repo to hold various Dockerfiles for images I create.
I try to make sure each has a command at the top for running it,
if a file you are looking at does not have a command, please
pull request it!
Almost all of these live on dockerhub under [jess](
Because you cannot use notary with autobuilds on dockerhub I also build these
continuously on a private registry at []( for public download. (You're
You may also want to checkout my [dotfiles](, specifically the aliases for all these files which are here: [](
#### Using the `Makefile`
$ make help
build Builds all the dockerfiles in the repository.
dockerfiles Tests the changes to the Dockerfiles build.
image Build a Dockerfile (ex. DIR=telnet).
latest-versions Checks all the latest versions of the Dockerfile contents.
run Run a Dockerfile from the command at the top of the file (ex. DIR=telnet).
shellcheck Runs the shellcheck tests on the scripts.
test Runs the tests on the repository.