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# Set an output prefix, which is the local directory if not specified
PREFIX?=$(shell pwd)
# Setup name variables for the package/tool
NAME := amicontained
# Set any default go build tags
# Set the build dir, where built cross-compiled binaries will be output
# Populate version variables
# Add to compile time flags
VERSION := $(shell cat VERSION)
GITCOMMIT := $(shell git rev-parse --short HEAD)
GITUNTRACKEDCHANGES := $(shell git status --porcelain --untracked-files=no)
GO_LDFLAGS=-ldflags "-w $(CTIMEVAR)"
GO_LDFLAGS_STATIC=-ldflags "-w $(CTIMEVAR) -extldflags -static"
# List the GOOS and GOARCH to build
GOOSARCHES = linux/arm linux/arm64 linux/amd64 linux/386
all: clean build fmt lint test vet install ## Runs a clean, build, fmt, lint, test, vet and install
.PHONY: build
build: $(NAME) ## Builds a dynamic executable or package
@echo "+ $@"
go build -tags "$(BUILDTAGS)" ${GO_LDFLAGS} -o $(NAME) .
.PHONY: static
static: ## Builds a static executable
@echo "+ $@"
CGO_ENABLED=0 go build \
-tags "$(BUILDTAGS) static_build" \
.PHONY: fmt
fmt: ## Verifies all files have men `gofmt`ed
@echo "+ $@"
@gofmt -s -l . | grep -v '.pb.go:' | grep -v vendor | tee /dev/stderr
.PHONY: lint
lint: ## Verifies `golint` passes
@echo "+ $@"
@golint ./... | grep -v '.pb.go:' | grep -v vendor | tee /dev/stderr
.PHONY: test
test: ## Runs the go tests
@echo "+ $@"
@go test -v -tags "$(BUILDTAGS) cgo" $(shell go list ./... | grep -v vendor)
.PHONY: vet
vet: ## Verifies `go vet` passes
@echo "+ $@"
@go vet $(shell go list ./... | grep -v vendor) | grep -v '.pb.go:' | tee /dev/stderr
.PHONY: install
install: ## Installs the executable or package
@echo "+ $@"
@go install .
define buildpretty
mkdir -p $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2);
GOOS=$(1) GOARCH=$(2) CGO_ENABLED=0 go build \
-o $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2)/$(NAME) \
-a -tags "$(BUILDTAGS) static_build netgo" \
-installsuffix netgo ${GO_LDFLAGS_STATIC} .;
md5sum $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2)/$(NAME) > $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2)/$(NAME).md5;
sha256sum $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2)/$(NAME) > $(BUILDDIR)/$(1)/$(2)/$(NAME).sha256;
.PHONY: cross
cross: *.go VERSION ## Builds the cross-compiled binaries, creating a clean directory structure (eg. GOOS/GOARCH/binary)
@echo "+ $@"
$(foreach GOOSARCH,$(GOOSARCHES), $(call buildpretty,$(subst /,,$(dir $(GOOSARCH))),$(notdir $(GOOSARCH))))
define buildrelease
GOOS=$(1) GOARCH=$(2) CGO_ENABLED=0 go build \
-o $(BUILDDIR)/$(NAME)-$(1)-$(2) \
-a -tags "$(BUILDTAGS) static_build netgo" \
-installsuffix netgo ${GO_LDFLAGS_STATIC} .;
md5sum $(BUILDDIR)/$(NAME)-$(1)-$(2) > $(BUILDDIR)/$(NAME)-$(1)-$(2).md5;
sha256sum $(BUILDDIR)/$(NAME)-$(1)-$(2) > $(BUILDDIR)/$(NAME)-$(1)-$(2).sha256;
.PHONY: release
release: *.go VERSION ## Builds the cross-compiled binaries, naming them in such a way for release (eg. binary-GOOS-GOARCH)
@echo "+ $@"
$(foreach GOOSARCH,$(GOOSARCHES), $(call buildrelease,$(subst /,,$(dir $(GOOSARCH))),$(notdir $(GOOSARCH))))
.PHONY: bump-version
BUMP := patch
bump-version: ## Bump the version in the version file. Set KIND to [ patch | major | minor ]
@go get -u # update sembump tool
$(eval NEW_VERSION = $(shell sembump --kind $(BUMP) $(VERSION)))
@echo "Bumping VERSION from $(VERSION) to $(NEW_VERSION)"
@echo "Updating links to download binaries in"
sed -i s/$(VERSION)/$(NEW_VERSION)/g
git add VERSION
git commit -vsam "Bump version to $(NEW_VERSION)"
@echo "Run make tag to create and push the tag for new version $(NEW_VERSION)"
.PHONY: tag
tag: ## Create a new git tag to prepare to build a release
git tag -sa $(VERSION) -m "$(VERSION)"
@echo "Run git push origin $(VERSION) to push your new tag to GitHub and trigger a travis build."
.PHONY: clean
clean: ## Cleanup any build binaries or packages
@echo "+ $@"
$(RM) $(NAME)
$(RM) -r $(BUILDDIR)
.PHONY: help
@grep -E '^[a-zA-Z_-]+:.*?## .*$$' $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | sort | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":.*?## "}; {printf "\033[36m%-30s\033[0m %s\n", $$1, $$2}'