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Create fully static, including rootfs embedded, binaries that pop you directly into a container. Can be run by an unprivileged user.

Check out the blog post:

This is based off a crazy idea from @crosbymichael who first embedded an image in a binary :D

HISTORY: This project used to use a POC fork of libcontainer until @cyphar got rootless containers into upstream! Woohoo! Check out the original thread on the mailing list.

Checking out this repo

$ git clone


You will need libapparmor-dev and libseccomp-dev.

Most importantly you need userns in your kernel (CONFIG_USER_NS=y) or else this won't even work.

# building the alpine example
$ make alpine
Static container created at: ./alpine

# building the busybox example
$ make busybox
Static container created at: ./busybox

# building the cl-k8s example
$ make cl-k8s
Static container created at: ./cl-k8s


$ ./alpine
$ ./busybox
$ ./cl-k8s

Cool things

The binary spawned does NOT need to oversee the container process if you run in detached mode with a PID file. You can have it watched by the user mode systemd so that this binary is really just the launcher :)