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Runc hook for setting up default bridge networking.

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get github.com/genuinetools/netns


$ netns -h
netns -  Runc hook for setting up default bridge networking.

Usage: netns <command>


  --ipfile     file in which to save the containers ip address (default: .ip)
  --mtu        mtu for bridge (default: 1500)
  --state-dir  directory for saving state, used for ip allocation (default: /run/github.com/genuinetools/netns)
  --bridge     name for bridge (default: netns0)
  -d           enable debug logging (default: false)
  --iface      name of interface in the namespace (default: eth0)
  --ip         ip address for bridge (default:


  create   Create a network.
  ls       List networks.
  rm       Delete a network.
  version  Show the version information.

Place this in the Hooks.Prestart field of your runc config.

    "hooks": {
        "prestart": [
                "path": "/path/to/netns"

List network namespaces

$ sudo netns ls
IP                  LOCAL VETH          PID                 STATUS          netnsv0-21635       21635               running          netnsv0-21835       21835               running          netnsv0-22094       22094               running          netnsv0-25996       25996               running