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A bot to sync the morning paper to a remarkable tablet.

This authenticates with your remarkable cloud account via the command line on start. I hope to eventually make it run on my remarkable and not have to deal with the cloud.

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get github.com/jessfraz/morningpaper2remarkable

Running with Docker


$ touch ${HOME}/.rmapi

$ docker run --rm -it \
    --name morningpaper2remarkable \
    -v "${HOME}/.rmapi:/home/user/.rmapi:rw" \
    r.j3ss.co/morningpaper2remarkable --once

# Enter your one time auth code.

Run it in daemon mode with our auth code

# You need to have already authed and have a .rmapi api file for this to 
# work in daemon mode.
$ docker run -d --restart always \
    --name morningpaper2remarkable \
    -v "${HOME}/.rmapi:/home/user/.rmapi:rw" \
    r.j3ss.co/morningpaper2remarkable --interval 20h


$ morningpaper2remarkable -h
morningpaper2remarkable -  A bot to sync the morning paper to a remarkable tablet.

Usage: morningpaper2remarkable <command>


  -d, --debug  enable debug logging (default: false)
  --dir        directory to store the downloaded papers in (default: morningpaper)
  --interval   update interval (ex. 5ms, 10s, 1m, 3h) (default: 18h)
  --once       run once and exit, do not run as a daemon (default: false)
  --pages      number of pages of papers to download (default: 1)


  version  Show the version information.

Hidden Command

I use the bot on my server but sometimes I just want a way to get a paper from a URL to my remarkable from the command line.

I added a hidden command for that download.

You can use it like the following:

$ morningpaper2remarkable download http://nickm.com/trope_tank/10_PRINT_121114.pdf "10 PRINT"

This will download the PDF from the URL at arg[0] put it in a folder, default named papers and name the PDF in that folder arg[1], which above is "10 PRINT".

You can change the folder name with the --dataDir flag.