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Travis CI

A terminal dashboard with stats from Google Analytics, GitHub, Travis CI, and Jenkins. Very much built specific to me.




Via Go

$ go get

Running with Docker

$ docker run --rm -it \
    --name tdash \
    --volume /home/user/.tdash:/root/.tdash:ro \ # for the  Google Analytics key file


$ tdash -h
     _           _
  __| | __ _ ___| |__
 / _` |/ _` / __| '_ \
| (_| | (_| \__ \ | | |
 \__,_|\__,_|___/_| |_|

 A terminal dashboard with stats from
 Google Analytics, GitHub, Travis CI, and Jenkins.
 Version: v0.4.0
 Build: 338723b

        Show all builds even successful ones, defaults to only showing failures
  -d    run in debug mode
  -ga-keyfile string
        Path to Google Analytics keyfile (default "/home/jessie/.tdash/ga.json")
  -ga-viewid value
        Google Analytics view IDs (can have more than one)
  -interval string
        update interval (ex. 5ms, 10s, 1m, 3h) (default "2m")
  -jenkins-password string
        Jenkins password for authentication (or env var JENKINS_PASSWORD)
  -jenkins-uri string
        Jenkins base URI (or env var JENKINS_BASE_URI)
  -jenkins-username string
        Jenkins username for authentication (or env var JENKINS_USERNAME)
  -travis-owner value
        Travis owner name for builds (can have more than one)
  -travis-token string
        Travis CI API token (or env var TRAVISCI_API_TOKEN)
  -v    print version and exit (shorthand)
        print version and exit


Google Analytics

  1. Enable the API: To get started using Analytics Reporting API v4, you need to first create a project in the Google API Console, enable the API, and create credentials.

    Follow the instructions for step enabling the API here.

  2. Add the new service account to the Google Analytics account with Read & Analyze permission.

    The newly created service account will have an email address that looks similar to:

    Use this email address to add a user to the Google Analytics view you want to access via the API.


  1. Get your Travis token: Go to the "Profile" tab on your Accounts page