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Bot to automatically create Google Calendar events from TripIt flight data.

I have OCD about the layout of my calendar events so that is why I made my own bot.

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get github.com/jessfraz/tripitcalb0t

Running with Docker

$ docker run --restart always -d \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
    -v /path/to/.tripitcalb0t/google.json:/root/.tripitcalb0t/google.json:ro \
    --name tripitcalb0t \
    -e "TRIPIT_USERNAME=your_username" \
    -e "TRIPIT_PASSWORD=59f6asdfasdfasdf0" \
    -e "GOOGLE_CALENDAR_ID=your_google_calendar_id" \
    r.j3ss.co/tripitcalb0t --interval 1m


$ tripitcalb0t -h
tripitcalb0t -  Bot to automatically create Google Calendar events from TripIt flight data.

Usage: tripitcalb0t <command>


  --calendar         Calendar name to add events to (or env var GOOGLE_CALENDAR_ID)
  -d                 Enable debug logging (default: false)
  --google-keyfile   Path to Google Calendar keyfile (default: ~/.tripitcalb0t/google.json)
  --interval         Update interval (ex. 5ms, 10s, 1m, 3h) (default: 1m0s)
  --once             Run once and exit, do not run as a daemon (default: false)
  --past             Include past trips (default: false)
  --tripit-password  TripIt Password for authentication (or env var TRIPIT_PASSWORD)
  --tripit-username  TripIt Username for authentication (or env var TRIPIT_USERNAME)


  version  Show the version information.


Google Calendar

  1. Enable the API: To get started using Calendar API v3, you need to first create a project in the Google API Console, enable the API, and create credentials.

    Follow the instructions for step enabling the API here.

  2. Add the new service account to the Google Calendar account with Read & Write permission.

    The newly created service account will have an email address that looks similar to: quickstart@PROJECT-ID.iam.gserviceaccount.com.

    Use this email address to add a user to the Google Calendar view you want to access via the API.


To use this, you must enable "Web Authentication" on your account. You can follow the steps to do that here.