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Based off the awesome project beeswithmachineguns, but this uses containers.

Each container is run from a jess/ab image, which is just the apache benchmark utility.

NOTE: Do not use this for evil. Consider yourself warned.

$ tws
| |___      _____ 
| __\ \ /\ / / __|
| |_ \ V  V /\__ \
 \__| \_/\_/ |___/
 Tupperware with Spears (A DDoS Production)
 Author:    Jess Frazelle
 Version:   v0.1.0

 tws [options] [http[s]://]hostname[:port]/path

 Usage of tws:
  -A="": auth-username:password
  -C="": cookie-name=value;cookie-name=value
  -H="": custom-header;custom-header
  -P="": proxy-auth-username:password
  -T="": content type
  -c=100: number of multiple requests to perform at a time. Default is one request at a time
  -d=false: run in debug mode
  -dockerHost="unix://var/run/docker.sock": docker daemon socket to connect to
  -f="ALL": specify SSL/TLS protocol (SSL2, SSL3, TLS1, or ALL)
  -m="GET": method
  -n=10000: number of requests to perform for the benchmarking session
  -nc=16: number of containers (tupperware) to attack with
  -s=30: timeout, seconds to max. wait for each respone
  -t=0: timelimit, implies a -n 50000 internally
  -tlscert="": path to TLS certificate file
  -tlskey="": path to TLS key file
  -v=3: verbosity, 4 -> headers, 3 -> response codes, 2 -> warnings/info
  -version=false: print version and exit


$ tws -nc 21 -n 10000 -c 250