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Source code for weirdtrickmafia.fm.

Adding a new episode

Create a new md file in content/post with the name of the episode.

It should have contents that look like the following:

date = 2019-03-17T09:59:40-05:00
title = "Foundation Head"
description = "Andrew Clay Shafer and Jess Frazelle discuss open source foundations, specifically the Linux Foundation."
podcast_file = "foundation-head.mp3"
hosts = ["littleidea", "jessfraz"]
explicit = "yes" # values are "yes" or "no"
youtube = "bNfAAQUQ_54"

Andrew and Jess discuss open source foundations, specifically the Linux


The hosts line above must line up with files in the data/hosts directory. If there is a new host, they will need a new file in this directory.

Here is an example toml file:

name = "jessfraz"
fullname = "Jessie Frazelle"
twitter = "jessfraz"
github = "jessfraz"
site = "https://jess.dev"

Audio Files

The podcast_file line above must correspond to the file in the static/audio directory.