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Go bindings for ykpiv so you can write Go to interact with your yubikeys. The C library lives at yubico/yubico-piv-tool.

C Libraries Required for Compilation


package main

import (


func main() {
	s := ykpiv.NewState()
	defer s.Free()

	// Let's get the readers
	readers := make([]byte, 2048)
	len := []uint{2048}
	err := ykpiv.ListReaders([]ykpiv.State{*s}, readers, len)
	if err != 0 {
		log.Fatalf("%s: %#v", ykpiv.Strerror(err), err)

	fmt.Printf("readers: %s\n", string(readers))

Starting pcscd

Hopefully your operating system does this for you with a nice init script but if not here you go:

$ sudo LIBCCID_ifdLogLevel=0x000F /usr/sbin/pcscd --foreground --debug --apdu --color
$ sudo /usr/sbin/pcscd --hotplug